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The essence of the Promised Land

8 days | 7 nights

From secular to ultra-Orthodox, Jewish. Arab, Israeli, Palestinian, native or immigrant, Israel means something different to almost every inhabitant. Despite its geopolitical disagreements, this is a land that offers a magnificent mosaic of cultures and thousands-year-old traditions. This land is where more unites than divides on both the natural and the cultural levels.

From the Negev desert to the hills of Judea and Samaria, from the Sea of Galilee to the Mediterranean coastal plain, this land of four seas offers you breathtaking Genesis-like landscapes!

When you discover Tel Aviv, the “White City” famous for its Bauhaus architecture, you can also tuck into its delicious street food and let yourself be tempted by its nightlife!

Explore at your own pace the historic and spiritual city of Jerusalem that dates back over 3,000 years and is widely regarded as the cradle of the three main monotheistic religions.

Discover the Palestinian cultural city of Bethlehem and its picturesque shepherds fields, and Jericho, considered the oldest city in the world.

Finally, relax in the salty waters of the Dead Sea and contemplate the biblical landscapes of the Judean desert.

This is a brief summary of what awaits you in this land at the crossroad of the East and West!

Ultimate Classics


Enjoy the easy-going nonchalant atmosphere of Tel Aviv, the “White City,” known for, among many other things, its Bauhaus architecture.

Stroll along the picturesque harbor in the old town of Jaffa and take a walk through the charming "bobo" district of Neve Tsedek with its art galleries, cafes and trendy little boutiques.

Try the delicious local street food where there is something for all tastes and in every color, and let yourself be swept along in the excitement of the nightlife on Rothschild Boulevard!


Walk along the coastal plain beside the Mediterranean Sea and enter into the heart of the ancient port cities of great civilizations along the ancient trade route – the Via Maris, or Coastal Road.

You can admire the pristine remains of Caesarea, a Roman city founded over 2,000 years ago by Herod the Great.

You can also lose yourself in the Knights’ Hall and underground halls of Saint-Jean-d'Acre, once the home of the Crusaders.

Discover Druze culture along the way and have a "coffee-Knafe" hospitality break in a village on Mount Carmel.


Climb up the mystical city of Safed, the home of the Kabbalah, visit the beautiful medieval synagogues of the Upper Galilee region dating to the 16th century, and stroll through the picturesque artists and craftsmen district.

Enjoy a pomegranate wine tasting and discover the health benefits of this biblical fruit.

Bike ride in the Hula Valley Nature Reserve, a protected natural site being one of the primary stops during the long route of migratory birds.

Cross Lake Tiberias in an eco-friendly boat and enjoy a thousand-color sunset.


Cross the Jordan Valley scattered with date palm groves and on the way admire Jericho, one of the oldest cities in the world.

Stop for a bite to eat at Kibbutz Ein-Gedi, an incredible botanical garden in the heart of the Judean Desert.

Enjoy the relaxing sensation of ‘weightlessness’ in the oily waters of the Dead Sea before climbing to the top of the cliff of Masada for an incredible panoramic view of the Judean Desert.


Explore the historic and spiritual Old City of Jerusalem and discover the iconic buildings of the world’s three major monotheistic religions – the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher – all concentrated in an area of barely a square kilometer!

Stroll through the souks of the Christian Quarter and indulge your taste buds with a traditional Jerusalem sesame bread.

In Bethlehem, or “the House of Bread,” you can visit the birthplace of Jesus and discover the Church of the Nativity as well as the famous Shepherds' Fields.

Sweet and salty stroll in Jerusalem

Explore the charming picturesque alleys of Yemin Moshe, one of the first neighborhoods built beyond the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Spice up your visit with a gastronomic stroll through Jerusalem's outdoor market, Machane Yehuda, and experience the local flavors and scents.

Meet the locals and dine in a wine bar in the old railway station, now repurposed as a night-time hangout that’s very popular with Jerusalemites!

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