City Trek

Getaway to Jerusalem & Land of Judea

5 days | 4 nights

O Jerusalem!

With over a million inhabitants, more than 3000 years of history, located in forested hills 800 meters above sea level, located just 33 kilometers from the Dead Sea and less than an hour from Tel Aviv, this holy city and cradle of three monotheistic religions surrounded by the Judean mountains offers incredible cultural and spiritual experiences!

Jerusalem: the city of light, whose name also means "the city of peace", will welcome you with open arms and share all the secrets of its successive ancient civilizations. You’ll be enchanted by the atmosphere, nature, climate, as well as its scents and smells of Jerusalem's Old City.

Last but not least, it’s when you meet its inhabitants from all walks of life who mix and mingle every day that you’ll appreciate the city’s diversity, which will leave a lasting impression on this unique and timeless journey!

Cradle of Culture


Head out past the Jerusalem Hills and before the coastal plain of Tel Aviv, to the beautiful region of Mateh Yehudah, which gets its name from one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, which was based in this same area as it was during biblical times.

Enjoy a wine and cheese tasting in one of the most beautiful wineries in the country, Clos de Gat, which offers magnificent views over the slopes of the Mitspe Harel vineyards that are reminiscent of the valleys of Tuscany.

Meet with Yair, a resident of Neve Shalom (Oasis of Peace), a village jointly established by Jews and Palestinian Arabs, that works towards peace, equality and understanding between the two groups of people, creating harmony for all citizens of Israel.

Get an adventure fix by traveling by Jeep or RZR along the Burma Road, which played a crucial role during the country's War of Independence in 1948 by supplying the then-besieged city of Jerusalem with food and other necessary supplies.


Enjoy Tel Azeka’s open-air café culture from its amazing vantage point overlooking the Valley of Elah where one of the most famous biblical fights took place: David and Goliath!

We’ll continue on two wheels with a ride on an EZRaider, an Israeli-invented all-terrain electric scooter that offers a green way of exploring the valley.

Take part in a pottery workshop followed by a visit to the Vertigo Ecological Art Center located in Kibbutz Halamed Heh.

Stroll through the picturesque streets of Ein Karem and visit the pretty gardens inside the monastery of Our Lady of Zion.


Take a very early morning climb up the Mount of Olives to admire and photograph one of the most iconic views of Jerusalem, that which overlooks the Old City and the Temple Esplanade with its mosques.

Enter the Esplanade of the Mosques, where you’ll find the splendid Dome of the Rock (Qubbat Aṣ-Ṣakhra) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, then visit the Western Wall that dates back more than 3,000 years and is the most sacred of Jewish holy places.

Feel the spirituality and the weight of this unique historic site when you place a piece of paper with your deepest wishes written on it between the stones.

Cross the Via Dolorosa through the colorful and authentic souks of the Old City before reaching the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed by many to be the burial site of Jesus.

Enjoy an authentic foodie walk through the souk guided by a local expert, and try the traditional sesame breads with zaatar , homemade tahini and delicious oriental pastries, then quench your thirst at one of the stalls with a 100% pomegranate juice that’s natural and so fresh!


Have a guided tour led by a resident of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Mea Shearim for an anthropological experience seemingly untouched by time, and participate in a Halla-making workshop (traditional Jewish Shabbat bread).

Uncover the secrets of wine-making and taste the results at the elegant Castel winery in Yad Hashmona, a kibbutz founded by evangelists from Finland who wanted to get closer to Jerusalem.

Enjoy a lunch of organic produce and try Rama's cuisine for an extraordinary culinary experience!

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