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The best way to really get to know a country is to discover it from the inside, as we say here, “to live the country”! To do this, throw yourself into the heart of the everyday local life, immerse yourself in local communities and above all, try out our suggestions for authentic and unique activities to take you off the beaten path! Our mission is to offer you experiential tourism that lets you travel like you’ve never done before.


From Chic Restaurants to Local Street Food

In the country where milk and honey flow, there are endless types of food to try from the numerous colorful traditional cuisines that have come to Israel from around the world throughout its history.

From East to West: You’ll hop from a traditional pita-houmous-falafel in an unpretentious market to trendy nouvelle cuisine and open-air concept restaurants of undisputed originality and reputation.

With 300 boutique wineries scattered from the north down to the south and thanks to an varied climate, Israel’s unique terroir will provide you with an exceptional and high-quality wine list. These wines have a piquant character (not unlike like the Israelis themselves), some of which can be found today on the greatest tables in the world.

What could be more local than making and eating your own hummus, taking part in a gourmet cooking workshop in the studio of an Israeli chef, enjoying a traditional Shabbat meal at the home of a local or tasting in situ an organic olive oil made in the farmer's fields?


Explore Hidden Treasures of a Biblical Nature

From the Negev desert to the hills of Jerusalem, from the rivers of the Galilee to the snow-capped Mount Hermon via the Mediterranean coastal plain, this country surrounded by three seas offers breathtaking landscapes!

Roughly the same size as Wales, Israel stands out for its geographic diversity, different regions, flora and fauna, and the many wild natural sites to explore.

Do you want a romantic getaway complete with skygazing and glamping in the Ramon Crater, a family adventure to discover waterfalls and Galilean fortresses or just watching the sunrise from cliffs in the Judean Desert, or maybe even to dive in the Red Sea and swim with dolphins? We help our travelers uncover Israel’s incredible hidden natural wonders which will leave you breathless.


Where Tradition Meets Modernity

The Hebrew state or the kingdom of paradox! Secular or ultra-Orthodox, Jewish or Arabic, native or immigrant, Ashkenazi or Sephardi, Israel is a magnificent mosaic of cultures and centuries-old traditions, focused on a vibrant modernity that’s as much cultural and artistic as it is technological.

This delightful blend of old and new mixes together on a daily basis and represents the pride and energy of the Israeli society.

Meet an Israeli fashion designer or craftsperson, chat with a resident of an Israeli-Arab community village, get carried away by the rhythm of Tel Aviv's nightlife, stroll through the markets of the Old City of Jerusalem or be moved by the testimony of a Holocaust survivor at the Yad Vashem museum. This is just a short list of a vast number of rich and thrilling cultural experiences that we want to share with you.


Recharge Your Batteries In Unique And One-of-a-kind Settings

As the Tibetan proverb says, "traveling is a return to the essentials..."

Enjoy multiple moments of calm and well-being on your trip so you can relax, let go and switch off.

Try Acroyoga facing the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, take a canoe across the flat salty waters of the Dead Sea, join in a relaxation session in the heart of the Arava Valley, enjoy a meditative walk in the pine forest of the Maté Yéhuda region or go cherry picking with your children in the Golan Heights.

Because we believe that travel and serenity must go hand in hand, we will be delighted to share our suggestions of one-of-a-kind experiences with you, to help you recharge your batteries.

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