Road Trip

The incense route through the desert

7 days | 6 nights

Escape to Israel’s great natural deserts and discover their endlessly enchanting cultural gems. Israel’s three deserts cover the southern half of the country and are all different.

The Judean Desert, from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, the Arava Desert which runs along the border with Jordan to the Red Sea and finally the Negev Desert, the largest of Israel's deserts!

Travel along the historical secret Incense Route, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, exploring ancient Nabatean cities and learning about the cutting-edge techniques of Israeli agriculture in arid environments.

Craters, canyons, valleys and oases demonstrate the geomorphological richness of these desert landscapes where you can practice extreme sports. How about snowboarding (actually, SANDboarding) down the dunes of the Negev, rappelling the cliffs of the Ramon Crater...

More than anything, the desert provides calm and serenity, so we invite you to let go, relax and recharge. Take a morning hike to an oasis or participate in a yoga class at the end of the day, while looking out over a breathtaking landscape.

Finally, as the desert is also synonymous with hospitality, meet the local populations who live here, such as the Bedouins, and talk to the Jewish Israeli modern-day pioneers who one day “left it all behind” to "make this desert flourish", or, more simply, out of a desire for adventure, space and freedom to get back to basics.

Nature & Aventure


Cross the Judean Desert by jeep until you reach the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the planet at 412 meters below sea level, for an incredible and exciting group experience!

Put on your backpack and go for a hike in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, a tropical oasis in the Judean Desert with majestic waterfalls.

Take a dip in the natural pools all along the route, or admire the stunning views of the Dead Sea stretching out below your feet.

Canoe-kayak across the oily waters of the Dead Sea, a one-of-a-kind experience where you’ll admire majestic biblical landscapes with the Judean Desert on one side and Jordan on the other.

Take an agricultural tour through the date fields of a Kibbutz, along the border with Jordan and learn about the challenges and achievements of farming with salty water and soil.


Uncover the secrets of growing cacti with a visit to an organic farm in the heart of the Negev Desert and delight your taste buds by trying the famous prickly pear known for its health benefits.

Let your creativity run wild and take part in a pottery workshop with Dafna, an artist from Dimona, where you can learn more about this development Town in the middle of the desert.

Treat yourself to an authentic Moroccan lunch at "Les Cuisinières de Yeruh'am", as well as participate in an informal meeting to hear the moving stories of the Moroccan women who immigrated to this region in the 1960s.


Get your adrenaline pumping with your partner, family, or friends when you Sandboard down the dunes of the Negev Desert.

Savor local specialties made from goat's milk at an isolated farm based in the heart of the Negev Desert.

Be enchanted by the modest cabin at Kibbutz Sde Boker of Israel’s founding father David Ben-Gurion, who retired from political life to fulfill his vision of making the desert bloom.

Enjoy a wine tasting in the middle of the desert in the sumptuous winery located near the Ramon Crater.

Admire the natural wonder of the Ramon Crater, a geological phenomenon that’s a one of a kind in the world, where the inner layers of the earth resurface in an endless array of colors.


Jump on your mountain bike and explore the incredible desert trails through Ramon National Park.

Hike in the dry bed carved out by a river through white hills towards the cool waterfall.

Discover world-renowned, cutting-edge techniques in arid farming and solar energy.

Hear from the desert pioneers who were involved in conquering the Negev and enter the secret weapons cache in a small kibbutz in this area.

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