Road Trip

Israel-Jordan from shore to shore

14 days | 13 nights

From the golden city of Jerusalem to the pink city of Petra, visiting both Israel and Jordan is a journey back to the source in the lands that were the cradle of civilizations.

Crossing from one bank of the Jordan to the other, you’ll discover, among other things, the remains of the architectural prowess of great builders, from the Nabatean civilization to the Roman Empire and the period of the Crusades.

One feature shared by these two lands is the light that is so particular to this part of the world, which every morning or dusk illuminates the beauty of the fabulously colorful desert expanses, the wooded valleys and ancient mysterious cities, giving them a biblical and grandiose quality!

From the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea, there is a journey to the crossroads of the three Abrahamic religions awaiting you, where you’ll discover the rich cultural heritage of the two peoples that have lived side by side for millennia.

Whether through informal meetings with locals, one-of-a-kind experiences or by enjoying varied and down-to-earth cuisine, this timeless journey to the heart of our roots is sure to have a lasting impression on every visitor who partakes of it.

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